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Esterni Public Design Festival Entry

The Esterni Public Design Festival held an international competition for the transformation of public spaces usually dedicated to cars.  These entries included installations, communication projects, services for the city, performances and actions, and urban furniture.  The only limit was that the entries had to be designed to fit into a 2m x 5m parking place.  The goal was to create a new research space to experiment innovative and creative solutions to the problems of the city.  The competition received over 800 projects from all over the world.  The Public Design Festival was held in Milan from April 18th to 26th 2009.  They have interpreted public space as a place where people meet, socialize, and interact, and have found an alternative way to use the parking area to find new solutions to the problems of the city.  Below is Brendan and Peter’s entry.

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For more on the Esterni Public Design Festival ::

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