The Mot Juste Collective is an energetic group of eclectic individuals sharing a common passion for culture, art, design, media, and a good laugh.  With various backgrounds in architecture, engineering, design, film, music, and pop culture, our outfit of contributors maintains a steadfast dedication to celebrating and sharing the most original, innovative, and inspiring creative compositions.  The articles and insights spotlight our favorite modern manifestations of our constantly evolving world, featuring topics embracing architecture, art, design, fashion, film, literature, and music.  Through our critically-tweaked and third-eyed perceptions, we present these issues to you as a celebration of what the human mind creates, as a display of what potentials lie ahead, and as a form of bold expression, as shown through the Mot Juste Collection.

The Mot Juste Collection will showcase what happens when the kids from the Mot Juste Collective get their justes flowing.  You can find our latest architecture and design competition entries, music projects, and other droll doodles.

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, it’s pronounced moh zhyst or mō zhüst.  Mot Juste is French for “just word”, which in context means the use of the perfectly appropriate word or phrase for the situation.  Our entries and design contributions may be compared to the guitar work of George Harrison—not flashy or overindulgent, but unerring, versatile and innovative.

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