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Champagne Valentine and Oculart

oculart images

Oculart Images: nake brunch, absinthe, trembling cup, and funeral garden

A perverted mix between Dr. Suess, Tim Burton and that recurring circus nightmare, Oculart is a beastfully guilty piece of Media Art that cuts your senses through the means of electronic artwork, sound and poetry. A series of animations and visualizations the website serves strictly as an art piece, or number of art pieces to think about, or look at but not think about and just trip out to. Oculart is created and kept alive by Amsterdam based artist Geoff Lillemon.

In addition to his own site Geoff Lillemon is also the founder of Champagne Valentine, along with likeminded artist Anita Fontaine, which is a more commercial side of the artists’ minds. Champagne Valentine creates websites, animations, interactive environments and films that rape the line between fine and commercial art. They have done work for Diesel, VH1, Napster, and Fosters to name a few, a video for Bell Orchestra and a pitch for the ultimate in music video fame, “a Bjork video”.

Official Website :: http://www.oculart.com
Champagne Valentine Website :: http://www.champagnevalentine.com

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