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Justice † House by Planda

Justice † House by Planda

Architects are starting to break away from the their bubble and collaborating with other creative industries. There was Zaha Hadid with her temporary Chanel Exhibition, HWKN provided an environment for a Mini Rooftop NYC party, and now we have Planda, who designed a house for the French band, Justice. Check out the video of the Justice † House that everyone’s starting to blog about. This video, which takes us for a trip through their design process, is totally on beat with the jam that it is pretty much a music video to “Genesis.” It was featured on a handful of blogs, yahoo.fr news, Justice’s myspace page, and even Kanye West’s blog.

Planda’s concept was to keep the band’s iconic image and insert the residential program into the cross. Although it may never be built, I think that it’s a functional design anchored on a pretty sweet site. I find boxy appearance of residential buildings currently attracting attention is starting to get stale, but the cross form works very well in plan to clearly construct private and common spaces. Simplicity, clarity and openness are qualities that continue to appeal. In section, it would have been more boring than a Golden Girls marathon; however, I think Planda did a good job in creating an interesting architectural effect with the glass bottom pool on roof deck level, which brings light into the staircase and dips into the grand space, breaking away from the continuous straight ceiling line. You can check out more projects by Planda on their website.

Planda Website :: http://www.planda.fr

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