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Draw Something Now! Prophet Snowboards.

Prophet Snowboards

A relatively young and seemingly inspired company form Portugal has come up with, or at least attempted to realize and prophet from creating a more “rider/customer” involved board company.  Prophet Snowboards is based on the idea that everyone should be able to control what is on their snowboard.  The process is simple; create a digital copy of something you drew, painted, dripped ink on, or whatever, upload it to their site, specify your board dimensions, and then wait for you custom shred stick to come in the mail.

No word on how well the boards perform but the concept alone is enough to get excited about.  And if you’re not ready to throw down on a mail order board from Europe just yet, the people at Prophet Snowboards are running a design competition until March 2009.  If your custom design board wins, you get the board free of charge.  Also if you want to test out the products and are going to be jetting around Euro ski towns this winter, look out for the Jibs Test Contests that will be happening.

For more info on the contest and the test rides check out Prophet’s website

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    Nice & very useful info. Thanks!

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