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The Lonely Island Announce Debut Album Incredibad

The Lonely Island

Comedic triumvirate The Lonely Island are the dudes responsible for the digital shorts that make up the vital organs of modern SNL.  Akiva, Jorma, and Andy already carry an impressive curriculum vitae of jocular jams (not to be confused) that includes “Lazy Sunday” ft. Chris Parnell, “Natalie Raps” ft. Natalie Portman, “D— in a Box” ft. Justin Timberlake, and “Iran So Far” ft. Adam Levine.  They have announced that their viral music videos will be transcending to audio format available February 10 of next year.  The debut CD/DVD album will be called Incredibad.

In addition to the classic SNL Digital Short tracks, Incredibad will also include new tracks “Space Olympics”“Ras Trent”,”I’m on a Boat” ft. T-Pain, “Sax Man” ft. Jack Black, “Dream Girl” ft. Norah Jones, “Boombox” ft. Julian Casablancas,  “Santana DVX” ft. E-40, “Who Said We’re Wack,” “Punch You in the Jeans,” “We Like Sportz,” and “Shrooms.”

The awesomely outrageous first single from Incredibad, “J— in My Pants,” can be seen below in all its glory.  Be sure to check out episodes of The ‘Bu and Awesometown on the Lonely Island website.

UPDATE: Videos for “We Like Sports” and “I’m on a Boat”

Official Website :: http://www.thelonelyisland.com

  1. Majora
    January 23, 2009 at 2:28 am

    These guys are amazing, I love watching/listening to them. They always make me laugh.

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