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Three Fresh Releases from Mira Belle

The sonic smorgasbord of Mira Belle (Jeff Tuyay) has materialized into one full length album (Cosmolecule) and two extended play recordings (Annie Vs Her and *&*&#%%*&%) all released on Soca Toa Records.

All albums are available for download on the Mira Belle MySpace page.  With influences ranging from the lush shoegazing atmospherics of Slowdive and Brian Eno to the manic cuts and tweaks of Animal Collective and Black Dice, Mira Belle ensures a captivating listen each time.  This aural trifecta kind of feels like:

Music to contemplate your bellybutton to.
Music to summon your power animal to.
Music to dream to.
Music to soundtrack a unicorn giving birth.
Music to dream about a unicorn giving birth.
Music to dreamweaver cs3.
Music to explore middle earth to.
Music to count sheep to.
Music to count to.
Music to watch itunes visualizer to.
Music to lite-brite to.
Music to rubber pencil trick to.
Music to dunhill red to.
Music to plan a bank robbery to.
…scratch that last one.
Music to slurp the last remaining beads of concentrated syrup of a slurpee to,
but run out of breath and never finish because no matter how great
your lung capacity is, the straw’s inefficient scoop end design renders
the task virtually impossible until you turn the straw around and
continue to savor every drop.
Music to reposition your garden sprinklers toward your window and experience
a contrived looking-through-a-rainy-day-window-introspective-
moment to.
Music tu yay.

MySpace :: http://www.myspace.com/mirabellesounds

  1. Slug drop
    February 25, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Music to listen to while Krishna/Rhada presents themselves.

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